Aerate less. Save more.
Our automated wastewater treatment processes achieve Chemical Free Effluent Phosphorous Removal and reduce the aerobic digester power costs by over 85%.
Aerobic Digester Technology
Aquaconeer's aerobic digester processes reduce your facility’s operating expenses immediately.
Improved Wastewater Treatment Efficiency

Aerobic Digestion Perfected

Eliminate Wasteful Spending with Aquaconeer’s Proven Wastewater Treatment Technologies.

Chemical Free Phosphorous Compliance

Is your plant spending thousands of dollars on chemicals to control phosphorous? With Aquaconeer, you can meet effluent phosphorus treatment standards without the use of expensive chemicals.

P-Uptake Process

Aerobic Biosolids Stabilization

The Facultative Biosolids Stabilization Process reduces the digester power costs by over 85%. The FBS-Process is more effective, efficient and always customized for your individual treatment plant’s permit requirements.

The FBS-Process

Custom Analysis

Tell us a little bit about your organization and our expert associates will prepare a custom analysis of what our services can do for you. Schedule a consultation and start saving today !

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Features & Highlights

Aquaconeer co-founder Albert Bock introduces some of our key services that can improve efficiency and save money at your treatment plant.


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