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Aquaconeer is an expert wastewater company that has provided engineered biotechnology service programs to wastewater treatment plants. Aquaconeer’s experienced, professional staff employs a broad spectrum of expertise to reduce wastewater treatment plant phosphorous side streams, digester power costs, cost of sludge processing, handling and disposal, and cost of chemicals for meeting effluent phosphorous permit compliance. Aquaconeer’s processes combine proven technology with a service staff of wastewater professionals. This combination allows the P-Uptake Digester Process and the Facultative Biosolids Stabilization Process (FBS) to provide wastewater treatment facilities with measurable, consistent reductions in operating expenses and improve solids processing results — all backed by a risk-free performance warranty.


Specializing in innovative wastewater treatment, our products and services are designed to improve efficiency and reduce cost for plant operators. Our flagship Facultative Biosolids Stabilization and P-Uptake processes have proven to provide major benefits to treatment plant operations. By continuing to improve our existing services, as well as finding new ways to innovate the industry, Aquaconeer brings a breath of fresh air to an often stagnant industry.


Provide efficient, innovative products and services that increase the effectiveness of wastewater treatment plant operations.

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